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HLG proves that two separate motor vehicle incidents are part of the same staged insurance fraud scheme

Lancer Insurance Company v. Desmond Morris

Supreme Court: New York – Nassau County

Index # 612915/18

In a decision out of the Supreme Court, Nassau County, HLG was successful in obtaining a judgment that relieved Lancer of its obligation to provide No-Fault and Liability coverage for two separate motor vehicle incidents, involving a scam of renting cars from a motor vehicle rental agency and staging motor vehicle incidents.

After Lancer’s preliminary investigation revealed possible indicia of fraud, it retained HLG to assist in its investigation into whether the motor vehicle losses in question was a staged and/or intentional loss. HLG conducted the examinations under oath (EUOs) of the vehicle occupants in both losses. When Lancer reviewed all the evidence, including but not limited to the multiple discrepancies in the EUO testimony, it made the decision to deny personal injury protection and liability coverage. To validate its denial of coverage, HLG commenced a declaratory judgment action on behalf of Lancer. After being presented with all evidence, the Court determined the motor vehicle incidents in question were a staged and/or intentional losses and as such, Lancer was relieved of its obligations to provide No-Fault and Liability coverage.

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