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HLG successfully argues that the motor vehicle incident did not exacerbate a previously sustained traumatic brain injury

Benaroya v. Nationwide

American Arbitration Case No. 01-19-0000-6010

In an action involving a motor vehicle accident, Allan S. Hollander obtained a favorable arbitration decision on behalf of Nationwide that the Claimant did not sustain damages from the subject motor vehicle loss.  The Claimant was involved in three prior motor vehicle losses in which he allegedly sustained a traumatic brain injury and claimed that the subject loss caused a reoccurrence of the brain injury, as well as back injuries and an exacerbation of an eye injury for which he sought the remaining $475,000 left on the policy.  Mr. Hollander established through extensive medical records, diagnostic studies, and expert testimony that the subject loss did not create new problems or any worsening of his pre-existing medical conditions.   In a thorough and detailed decision, the Arbitrator agreed with Nationwide’s position and decided not to award Claimant any additional damages stemming from the subject motor vehicle accident.

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